Everyday we meet people, we see signs and behaviors that reminds us that Emirates is an Islamic country where The Sharia is applied.


Sharia is the Islamic law which penalize behaviors such as kissing outdoors, living with your couple without marrying, walking drunk through the streets…and also rules the way of dressing.


On our website you can check the link the ¨Code of Conduct¨.


It is true that the tolerance that you feel in Dubai with these kind of behaviors is huge but we must not relax and of course we must respect these rules, not only because we can get fined but because it is the best way of respecting and being respected in this country.


Dress CodeToday I was reading in the newspaper than Gems World Academy was one of the schools which had posted a sign remarking the Dress Code. That sign is everywhere in Dubai, Public Offices, Schools, Shopping Malls…


I would love to go fresh to school everyday but I can get that way when I arrive home and wont bother others. Look at the muslim mummies, they go covered and never complain about the heat.

Look at the reasons you have for dressing on a respectful way:


You wont have any problems trying to get into an office or closing a deal with a muslim conservative or hurting anybody´s feelings.


I love the feeling of respecting.


Once, a local friend was telling me that her mother rarely visited the Shopping Malls or Hotel Restaurants all over Dubai and was mainly because she felt really offended by the way of dressing of the expat ladies.


I must say they are a conservative family but very tolerant, all her daughters had university degrees and some of them in Europe.


Another local elder man made the remark that was impossible to have a friendship with someone who was all day eating pork outdoors, drinking alcohol and whose wife was wondering around almost naked.


That was the view from his window, and he was just describing a barbecue.


I can not avoid a smile, because from my point of view that is having fresh beer and eating delicious pork sausages while wearing my favorite shorts.


But do not you understand?


I do not pretend with this article that everybody covers themselves every moment of the day, I think the message is more than clear.


Dubai, país multiculturalYou need to dress properly in certain places you are advised to do so.

I do practice this behavior and I must say I have muslim friends from Saudi and from Asia who dress completely covered and tell me they thank these kind of acts from our side and let them be more relaxed to try to meet us and understand us better.


Just a trick if you like to go with shorts from my friend Alicia Garriga (fitness master), she always wears an abaya inside the car to use it when she goes to the supermarket or to some office.