Global Sports Management ME is a Company working in the field of sports.

They have a wide offer and the best is that they have expert personal trainers and its main aim is to take care of the person and the body as a whole thing.


We asked one of his partners, Fran Reyes, to write an article for all of those who want to start doing sports without giving up the very first week. Here it is the advice Fran gives us:

From Global Sports Management ME we ant to wish everyone a Happy 2015 with a good dose of sport and physical activity.


Is worldwide known January purposes are often left …in January. For that not to happen there are a few simple tips, although not miracles:


  • Pay for what you train. Forget memberships and super cool gyms. The best choice is a Personal Trainer who be able to come to your community. Do it in an easy way, save time and squeeze each session. You will appreciate it and your body too.– Search for your space, your time, your schedule, just yours, and make something sacred. Will be the only way to respect it.
  • In company better (and more economical). Engage some friends and go for it.
  •  Forget about diets, eat everything. Most probably half of what you are eating and more varied. Only extreme cases require extreme solutions, remaining 99% did not.


  •  The weight reduction should not be number one objective, which is to acquire a habit and to become constantly looking for some kind of activity that you like, what is not always the same for everyone.
  •  If you create a habit you will have a great path done. Lose weight is already added.


  •  A PROFESSIONAL TRAINER please, not anyone knowing 4 exercises. Required qualifications and experience is a must, forget about looks (a classic mistake in this world). The true Professional:
  • Supports, motivates and leads by the way he knows  suits your needs better.
  • Knows your limits helping to improve them.
  • It is flexible, he must know is working with people and not machines.
  • Avoid injuries looking for variety and effectiveness. A training can and should be fun.
  • Make the most of each session.
  • Browse realistic goals, achievable in a short, medium and long term.
  • Understands and cares about the person inside the body because work, family, schedules, stress, etc, affect performance,  he must learn to observe and find out every workout.
  • Do not usually post photos shirtless on social networks  because we do not need. We do not sell a product, we sell a service.


Personal Training, Boot Camp, tennis lessons, paddle or swimming, etc … whatever the activity is, what matters it is placed in the hands of professionals who besides taking care of your body do it for yourself.


My last advice is: «Do not put limits on what you don’t know».

In GSM-ME we are happy to help:

– Activities at home

– Corporate events / communities

– Creation of tournaments / leagues

– Personal Trainers / boot camps

– Campus in Spain

– Management of sports facilities

– More


For further enquires:

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