The UAE Cabinet has adopted a decision to extend the visa of widowed or divorced women in the UAE and their children for one year from the date of the divorce or the death of the spouse, as part of the latest legislative facilitations approved by the Cabinet.

The decision grants widows and divorced women and their children a one-year residence without the need for a sponsor. It aims to give women the opportunity to adjust their social and economic status.

The resolution will be effective as of the fourth quarter of this year and is part of the continuous efforts to develop government decisions and legislations that cater for larger segments of UAE’s residents and visitors and meets their main needs.

The decision takes into consideration the humanitarian conditions of widows and divorcees, and facilitates their stay in the country after the loss of the head of the family. It also aims to maintain family stability and social cohesion, and affirms UAE’s position as a welcoming country to all nationalities in line with its history and values of extending a helping hand.

In its latest major humanitarian step, the UAE has passed a new rule on Monday, granting nationals of countries suffering from wars and natural disasters, a residency visa for a year and exemption from accumulated fines.

The decision was passed in the cabinet chaired by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

The visa intends to offer those affected a chance to improve their living conditions until they are ready to return to their home countries. The period for applying for the 1-year residency begins from 1 August  to 31 Octoberof this year, which can be extended and exempted from any irregularities or fines.

The UAE reiterates its commitment to stand by the most vulnerable and needy people of the world as an active supporter of international peace and stability.

This information has been copied from Connector Magazine Dubai.